All Smooks components are available from the Maven Central Repository.

If your building Smooks from source using Maven, please use:

  1. Java 1.5 or 1.6
  2. Maven v3

Artifact IDs

The groupId for all Smooks components is “org.milyn”.

The artifactId for each of the Smooks components are as follows:

Note: All cartridges depend on Smooks Core (i.e. “milyn-smooks-core”). Therefore, if your project depends on one of the cartridges, there’s no need to specify the dependency on Smooks Core.


See the POMs in the Examples as examples of Maven based applications that depend on different Smooks Cartridges.


Smooks SNAPSHOTs are available from Sonatype OSSRH. You need to list this Maven repo in your project POM e.g.